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Welcome to Juniper Specialty Products

Our project in Westlake, Louisiana, is on track to launch Juniper Specialty Products as the first US manufacturer of fully refined Fischer-Tropsch waxes, offering our specialty products directly to North American wax customers.

Juniper Specialty Products will convert natural gas into ultra-high quality, pure paraffinic waxes used in a wide range of applications in adhesives, coatings, construction materials and consumer goods. The plant will also produce zero-sulfur light and middle distillates for use in the US transportation and chemicals industries.

The plant is located at 950 I-10 Srv. Rd, Westlake, Louisiana 70669, and the product development center and pilot plant are located at 120 N Munger St, Pasadena, TX 77506.

For more information, please contact Juniper Specialty Products at